Nurturing care for your children

At Nurture Me Day Nursery we understand that your primary objective is to provide a safe, secure, stimulating and fun environment for your child to grow and develop. That’s why we use a system of Home Rooms which are designed to provide the right environment for the right age and developmental stage. Our nursery staff work closely with parents to ensure a smooth transition from one home room to the next when everyone feels the time is right.
The nursery has a superb key person system which is fully embedded. Parents are well informed of who their child’s key person is and staff support their children in small groups. Decisions on the key person are based on children’s preferences and their individual needs. The key person shares information and is genuinely interested in finding out more about the family. This gives children an extremely strong sense of security and very secure attachments with their key person. – From our Ofsted report, April 2014.
Blossoms – For our youngest children Blossoms is homely and cosy. Seedlings – For children who are steady on their feet and ready for a new challenge, with an emphasis on stimulating the senses and providing exploration both indoors and outdoors. Saplings – Toddlers are encouraged to explore their environment and challenge themselves, indoors and outside. Saplings have direct access to the outdoors at all times. Acorns – Our Pre-School room where imaginative and co-operative play are encouraged as we develop the children’s independence in preparation for going to school. Oak Trees – Our new Pre-School room open 9am-3pm term time only For primary school children, we also provide a fun and stimulating environment at the beginning and end of their school day and during school holidays, in Wycliffe out of school club and Junction 20. See School club for more information. For more information or to ask us the questions you have in your mind about providing a safe, secure, stimulating and fun environment for your child(ren), please call us on 01455 698141 or email