Staff Ratios


All staff at Nurture Me are encouraged to work towards a level 3 Qualification and beyond.

Currently all staff members hold a Level 3 qualification except one who is Level 2 working towards Level 3.

Nurture Me has a sound recruiting policy and all staff are selected on their knowledge of child development, personal qualities and experience.

"The nursery has a robust recruitment process that treats family members equally. Excellent inductions, appraisals and supervisions ensure staff continue to be suitable. Staff have an excellent knowledge of safeguarding procedures and as a result, keep children safe." From our Ofsted report, April 2014.

The staffing ratios are determined by The Statutory Framework and are as follows:

Babies and children under 2 years 1 staff member per 3 children
Children aged 2 years 1 staff member per 4 children
Children aged 3 and over 1 staff member per 8 children


Children at Nurture Me have individually designed areas that are light and spacious. The children are grouped to ensure they receive care that is age appropriate to the developmental needs of your child.

We also provide out of school holiday care on the nursery site called Junction 20.

For before and after school care we provide care onsite at John Wycliffe Primary School.

For more information about staff ratios or child care for your child(ren) please call 01455 698141 or email us.