Security at Nurture Me Day Nursery


We take the security of your child very seriously.

Security is a top priority at Nurture Me and successful monitoring of who is allowed to enter the building is a large part of keeping our children safe. There are many hi-tec security systems around but we strongly believe that the ultimate way of controlling who enters the nursery is for one of our team to personally answer the door.

Our manager's desk is situated in the lobby by the front door, meaning she is able to personally greet every person entering and leaving our nursery. Of course there will be occasions in which the manager has to leave  her desk, in which case the bell will ring into one of the home rooms and another member of our team will greet you. If the member of staff is unable to identify you themselves, they will accompany you to your child's keyworker who will be able to confirm you as a parent/guardian.

We realise that sometimes arrangements do change and you may need someone who we have not seen before to collect your child. In this case, we do require parents/guardians to telephone in advance, giving us the name and a description of the person who will be collecting your child, and also a password that we can ask them for to verify their identity. If we are in any doubt at all that the person is genuine, or if your child does not appear to know or feel comfortable with the person, we would not allow them to leave with the child. The parent/guardian will be contacted again for further verification.

We hope you agree that this is the best way to secure the safety of all our children attending Nurture Me Day Nursery.


"Regular staff meetings are used to reinforce policies and procedures to keep children safe and to reflect on any changes made." From our Ofsted report, April 2014.


For more information about our security policy or to talk to us about childcare options at Nurture Me, please email us or call 01455 698141.