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Saplings - Nursery Care For Your up and coming preschooler

"Children are all engaged in playful activities and are active learners in their environment, which is thoughtfully laid out. Resources are all accessible to children and use of space is not restricted, meaning that children use their imaginations and creativity to explore their own games. There are excellent opportunities for daily exercise by using the free-flow from the rooms into a secure garden. " From our Ofsted report, April 2014.


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Our Saplings are up and coming pre-schoolers. They are getting more independant and we really embrace that independance, helping with toilet training, selecting their own resources and materials and starting to play together.

We concentrate on embracing individulality, celebrating the blossoming characters we have.

The children in the Saplings room enjoy free flow access to the outside environment.

We concentrate on making our Saplings confident little people before going into our preschool room.

The children love to help out and do little jobs such as look after Bert and Ernie the guinea pigs.

We support the children are their friendships bloom. We believe in the children supporting one another and taking turns. We involve the Saplings in lots of games we can play together, forging strong friendships between them.

Our Saplings are a caring and adventurous bunch.


What we provide:

  • Support with potty training
  • Baby Wipes
  • Nutritional healthy meals and snacks, prepared freshly on site
  • A safe, secure and stimulating environment
  • Exploration and discovery through natural resources, interactive toys and play
  • Caring and experienced practitioners with a robust key person system
  • Flexible settling in sessions, tailored to suit the needs of the individual child and parent

What you provide:

  • Suitable spare clothing
  • All weather clothing
  • Sun cream and sun hat in summer, hat, coat, gloves, scarf and wellies in colder months
  • Nappies
  • Any barrier creams
  • Any Calpol or other medications that your child may require whilst at nursery


To talk to a member of staff about nurturing care for your pre-school child please call us on 01455 698141 or email


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