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Our outside space at Nurture Me

The nursery has an amazing outside space which is accessed on a free flow system from the Saplings and Acorns classrooms.

We provide lots of open ended and natural resources for the children to investigate and guide their own learning. The outside area is accessed in all weather and have different areas reflecting the Early Years Foundation Stage's 7 areas of learning.

The children enjoy lots of activities including den building, pouring and tipping water through the drainpipes, a muddy digging pit, a grand prix track and much more. Recently the children have been creating some 'transitional art' where they have been making 3D sculptures and pictures.


"...some children love making dens inside but are more reluctant to play in the garden, therefore staff take poles, materials and clips into the garden and encourage the children to use their imagination, making a wigwam. This interest escalates and children use an old barbecue to cook a 'soup' by mixing sand, mud, water and woodchip. Staff model excellent language and other children join in, sharing out the pretend soup with their friends." From our Ofsted report, April 2014.



To talk to a member of staff about nurturing care for your pre-school child please call us on 01455 698141 or email nurturemedaynursery@gmail.com


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