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Blossoms - Nursery Care for your Baby

Our youngest children play in our Blossoms room which is cosy and homely.

"The nursery has very strong strategies to engage with families and, as a result, they gain a good insight into children before they start. Parents are welcomed in for flexible settling-in sessions and join in with the activities in the room. " From our Ofsted report, April 2014.


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Babies in the Blossoms have access to a wide variety of materials both indoors and outdoors to stimulate their senses and provide a rich learning experience.

Babies under 1 discover and learn about their world through sensory motor development. Treasure baskets and sensory messy play are an effective tool in the play and development of babies.

At Nurture Me, we know that a baby's primal instinct is to explore objects by handling and mouthing them in order to discover their physical characteristics.
Natural objects provide mental stimulation that not only activate the growth of the brain but provide rich
and satisfying experiences for babies.

Babies thrive when they are healthy, safe and secure, their individual needs are met, and they have positive relationships with the adults caring for them.

Every child at Nurture Me is assigned a key-person. Our highly trained & experienced staff form special bonds with their key children, which involves ensuring that babies feel safe and cared for. Key people have a responsibility to build relationships with parents and work together with them to provide care tailored to your child's individual needs.

What we provide:

  • Formula (up to 1 year of age) and fresh whole milk (not including follow-on milk)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Nutritional healthy meals and snacks, prepared freshly on site
  • A safe, secure and stimulating environment
  • Exploration and discovery through natural resources, interactive toys and play
  • Caring and experienced practitioners with a robust key person system
  • Flexible settling in sessions, tailored to suit the needs of the individual child and parent

What you provide:

  • Suitable spare clothing
  • All weather clothing
  • Sun cream and sun hat in summer, hat, coat, gloves, scarf and wellies in colder months
  • Sterile bottles
  • Nappies
  • Any barrier creams
  • Any Calpol or other medications that your child may require whilst at nursery


To talk to a member of staff about care for your child, or to arrange to come and meet the team, please call us on 01455 698141 or email